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Sunday Night Stream 3 – TechGremlin vs netnerd85

Welcome back to the third Sunday Night Stream, this time it will be 1v1 in Nidhogg and Mount Your Friends. Sorry about the audio, it will be fixed by next stream.

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PC Required is the gaming team of netnerd85 and TechGremlin, two Australian gamers in their late-20’s with too much time on their hands. PC Required started off writing game reviews but switched to doing gameplay videos for PC Games. TechGremlin brings the calm collected side while netnerd85 doesn’t take much seriously. We aim to entertain you with our gameplay videos and make you laugh when it all goes wrong. We’ve been playing minecraft together for a long time, netnerd85 has been playing minecraft since April 2011 and TechGremlin since December 2010.

Our gameplay videos are made with love, always in HD and high audio quality. We’re always tweaking our process so that the videos are watchable and entertaining. If you enjoy (or don’t) then please provide feedback. — Watch live at http://www.twitch.tv/pcrequired